Why is this Denver attorney giving away free rolling papers?

Ricardo Baca, writing for the Cannabist at the Denver Post, writes:

As we consider the titular question above – “Why is this Denver attorney giving away freerolling papers?” — our mind goes to a cynical place immediately.

“An attorney is giving away rolling papers to market his own services, right?”

Right — for the most part.

“They’re marketing materials,” said Denver-based DUI attorney Jay Tiftickjian, who printed 5,000 branded packages of rolling papers for free distribution, “but they also give an anti-DUI public service as well. If they decided to use one, hopefully they get the message and remind themselves why it’s not a great idea to get behind the wheel after smoking pot.”

The rolling papers, which are available for free at Tiftickjian’s office and various area dispensaries, include the messaging, “Enjoy the Trip, But Don’t Drive High.” Some of the attorney’s advice, also printed on the packaging:

“Transport your product in a sealed container and only in the trunk.”

“Roadside tests are voluntary; There is no punishment for refusing.”

“Exercise your 5th Amendment Constitutional right to remain silent.”

Tiftickjian’s primary message is simple: “Just don’t do it — don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been smoking. The more people think about it, the less people are going to put themselves into that position — and for the public that’s a good thing. We want people to think.

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