Silent Falcon UAS Ready to Start Producing and Selling

 Silent Falcon UAS, a small company working to develop a solar-powered UAS, or drone with an advanced camera system announced they are going to start producing and selling it’s unmanned flying systems.

John Brown, CEO said, “Where we are now, we are transitioning from final development to commercial production. It is my hope and intent to set up a small final assembly facility in Albuquerque.”

Before moving to Albuquerque, the company started with help from Denver-based aerospace think tank Bye Aerospace before Brown moved it to Albuquerque. Brown said U.S. laws make it difficult for UAS and UAV companies to fly, other countries are more welcoming to the idea.  The Asia Pacific regions and many Latin American countries, and the Middle East have different regulations.

Silent Falcon UAS marketing strategy will be to focus on Southeast Asia, before focusing on the U.S. market in 2015 or later.