Public Relations

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Public relations for clean tech, biotech/health, technology, and professional services; it’s what we do.

Let’s define it by outcomes. 

It’s when you get a call from a strategic partner, after some excellent news coverage.

It’s the additional investments you get, from the string of regional and national stories that keep the public and your investor base excited and informed.

It’s the doctor, teacher, student that decides to use your product or service because they saw a great TV story about it on the local news.

It’s a history of placements listed on your website (not just press releases) that build the conviction of an acquirer or customer or distributor.

We aren’t concerned about a monthly press release that no one reads. No, we’ll get your name out locally then hook the hard hitters, like the Wall Street Journal, Fox News or the New York Times (which we’ve done many times).  We help tell your story to a greater audience, creating brand awareness, and credibility.

That’s how we define PR at Agency 33.