Pump is primed for Lightning Hybrids’ fuel-efficient hydraulic hybrids

Lightning Hybrids, a company dedicated to helping “green” larger vehicles like delivery trucks and vans, was recently featured in the Denver Business Journal. Cathy Proctor writes:

Lightning Hybrids LLC started out in 2008 chasing a $10 million prize for building a fuel-efficient vehicle that people would want to buy.

These days, the sleek, black sports car sits covered with dust in the corner of the company’s manufacturing space — but Lightning Hybrids is hardly a failure.

Rather, the company pivoted from installing its fuel-efficient, emissions-reducing hydraulic hybrid system on a sports cars to focus on buses and delivery trucks and vans.

“When we started [focusing on trucks and vans] we said we had to make something that would give customers a fast payback, and that made business sense for the customer to buy — not just be green,” said Tim Reeser, Lightning Hybrid’s co-founder and president.

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