Public Relations: How to Write a Great Press Release

by Agency 33 Principal Andrew Laing

Press releases are the “bread and butter” of Public Relations.  And press releases can be used effectively by companies of all sizes to disseminate useful information, be it the launch of a new product, a promotion, an award, a grand opening and much more.  Your aim is to get your information out there, and, more importantly, to get reporters or news organizations to pick up on your story.

But remember that a press release should be used to announce actual NEWS – nothing will destroy your credibility quicker than using a press release as a vehicle to advertise a product or service. 

Here is an excellent article, by Mickie Kennedy, that discusses the traits that good press release writers possess.  This article appeared on Ragan’s PR Daily:


5 top traits of good press release writers

By Mickie Kennedy

Being a good writer doesn’t automatically mean that you can be a good press release writer. Press release writing is its own beast, and while there are certainly some skills from other types of writing that will help you write great press releases, there are also some traits unique to press release writing that you need.

Here are five of the top traits I’ve noticed that good press release writers share:

They have a knack for identifying the news angle. The first thing you have to do with your press release is grab your readers’ attention. The best press release writers are able to take all of the relevant information and pick out a compelling, newsworthy angle that makes reporters take notice.

They don’t waste words. Reporters (and other people who may be reading your press release) are busy and don’t have time to read a long, drawn-out press release. Great press release writers get to the point, cut the fluff, and deliver the story in as few words as possible while ensuring the major points are covered.

They understand the journalistic tone. I’ve said it before: a lack of journalistic tone is a big reason many press releases fail. The best press release writers know how to tell a story like a reporter, not a marketer.

They possess excellent attention to detail. News writing is all about details. If you get the facts wrong, your story is useless and your credibility is tarnished. Similarly, if you send out a press release filled with typos, no one will take you seriously. The best press release writers focus on the details, ensuring their press releases are accurate and mistake-free.

They know how to make the reporter ask for more.
When you send out a press release, your goal is to get the media to contact you. You want them to reach out to you so they can get more information to write a story or set up an interview. That means your press release needs to leave readers asking for more. Great press release writers know just how to do this.

A version of this article first appeared on PR Fuel