Moye White’s Lorni Sharrow: 7 Common Estate-Planning Mistakes


Moye White attorney Lorni Sharrow was recently quoted in an article on Learn Vest, and again on Forbes:

Many people may assume that their financial or family situation is so straightforward that they don’t need to draft formal documents, like a last will and testament or a living will. Or they may assume that establishing joint tenancy (sharing ownership in personal property, such as a home) or joint ownership over financial accounts is enough to protect their assets.

The reality is that no one’s life is as simple as it seems—and even if it is, you should still consider putting protections in place to help ensure that your wishes are known.

Lorni Sharrow, an estate and trusts attorney with Moye White, gives the example of a single mother who may have an adult daughter as a joint account holder, so that both of them have the authority to sign checks in order to pay bills.

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