Social Media: Marketers, Take ‘Digital’ Out of Your Vocabulary by Drew McLellan

Below, take a look at this fantastic article by Drew McLellan of the Agency Management Institute. marketing strategy

“Going digital” isn’t a passing trend.

Companies are learning — and proving — that building a flexible, integrated agency with a digital emphasis is essential. And that lesson is still being learned the hard way, even at the world’s most prestigious organizations.

BuzzFeed leaked an internal report from The New York Times this week, providing an intimate look into how one of the world’s leading journalistic institutions is struggling with the exact same problem most agencies are: integrating digital into its existing company structure.

So, what can this teach the rest of the world?

It shows that combining traditional and digital media isn’t easy for any company, and even the most prestigious of organizations make common mistakes, including treating digital as something that’s separate — and often secondary — from the rest of operations.

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