London calling: Financing available

London calling: Financing available

Look across the pond for capital

James Wall writing for the ColoradoBiz magazine:

In Colorado, we are coming out of a recession in which our smaller, growth-oriented companies hunkered down, preserved capital and did what they could to stay alive.  Now that the economy has bounced back, the need for growth capital at these companies is high.

Private financing for such companies can be tough to find, with a relatively small pool of local venture capital firms operating here compared with the heady dotcom days.  So companies have to look outside the state for such financing, and without influential contacts, the going can be tough

Enter London’s AIM exchange, formerly the Alternative Investment Market, a stock exchange created by the London Stock Exchange in the early 1990s.

Check out our infographic: Why AIM Is a Solid Bet for Colorado Growth Companies

AIM was specifically created to meet the need for a smaller exchange, with more flexible regulatory requirements, lower costs and no limits on market capitalization or a minimum number of shares to be issued. It was also created to be self-regulating.

AIM has attracted many hundreds of US-based companies during its lifespan, but very few from Colorado. It’s time that changed.  It is highly likely that there are many Colorado enterprises that would fit the AIM mold and it’s time that the business community got to know AIM and what it has to offer.

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