FOX31 – Gun club offers free concealed carry class for teachers


DENVER — Allowing guns in schools continues to be a hot button issue. Earlier this year in Colorado legislators, in a party-line vote, voted it down. But the issue is still on the minds of many and now one organization is offering a free concealed carry class for teachers.

Marc Rabinoff spent his entire career as an educator. He’s now 66 and retired from Metro State University after 35 years. He said he needed a hobby. “You know, I don’t know much about guns. I’m afraid of guns to tell you the truth.”

Never having owned or shot one, he decided to take a class. “So now two years later, I have guns, I shoot 2-3 times a week. I train. I’ve had 70 hours of training.”

He said he never really thought much about firearms, but now, he’s an advocate. “Now I would want no gun-free zones. That’s ridiculous.” Even at schools, he said.

But, there’s a caveat. “I’m talking about a few selected people by local law enforcement, by the school district,” said Rabinoff. “I’m talking about training weekly and being checked out weekly and knowing how to use that weapon and being willing and able to do it,” he added.

That’s why Centennial Gun Club is offering teachers a free concealed carry class. General Manager Dick Abramson said he believes well-trained people should be able to carry firearms in schools. “Our main interest is getting education about firearms. We fear what we don`t understand.”

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