Fire Within owner and president, Ajith Dharma, speaks with Company Week about his Denver-based company and details its incredibly innovative product line: mobile, wood fired pizza ovens. He discusses a few of the challenges he has faced on the road to developing and manufacturing the perfected nomadic oven, as well as some of the opportunities that Fire Within recognizes as it continues to move forward. He stresses the importance of the continued support that his company provides to its customers at no charge, referencing his “anti-franchise” business model.


Principal Ajith Dharma is making wood-fired pizza ovens on wheels, with plans for a positive impact on communities around the world.

Joseph Pergolizzi started the company because he was seriously passionate about pizza. “He thought it would be incredible to have a mobile oven,” says Dharma, who bought the business in 2014 after spending most of his career in IT consulting with EDS. “Like most entrepreneurs, he started thinking, ‘How can I get this built?'”

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