Denver-based CEO buys Hawaii solar company Sunetric

Alex Tiller, Denver-based CEO if Sunetric Inc., founded in 2004 and one of Hawaii’s biggest solar power installation firms – has bought out the company’s founder, Sean Mullen. This makes Tiller the sole owner of the company.

Tiller recently moved to Denver and said the city will serve as the company’s mainland headquarters as it expands.

Sean Mullen will stay on as an employee of Sunetric said, “Working with Alex Tiller and the rest of the management team over the years, I am confident in their talent and expertise to grow Sunetric into a premier global renewable energy leader.”

Sunetric is a company at the forefront of the solar industry. Tiller said, “Having been launched in Hawaii, a state ahead of the curve in energy efficiency and renewable energy, is a real advantage. I believe in the capability of Sunetric and its people, and am committed to establishing it as the global authority in energy solutions.”

In addition to Hawaii and Denver, they have offices in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.