Cap 33 | Fundraising Consulting for Small- & Mid-Cap Companies

Do you represent a small- or mid-cap company that is:

  • seeking to raise a Series A or Series B round of funds?

  • seeking to raise a final round of private financing?

Is your company looking to raise funds on an exchange, but the regulatory requirements and costs appear too much?


Cap 33, the exchange consulting arm of Agency 33, is here to help!

For many small- and mid-cap companies, listing on a large exchange like NASDAQ may be unfeasible for several reasons, including the cost in both time and money required to comply with the multitude of regulations. We specialize in helping small- and mid-cap companies list on smaller exchanges like AIM and the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange.

These smaller exchanges can provide your company with the access to investment capital it needs along with the enhanced company profile that comes along with listing on an exchange. Furthermore, smaller exchanges provide a greatly reduced regulatory burden, low annual fees, and annual (as opposed to quarterly) reporting that allow you to accrue these benefits without the accompanying costs present in larger exchanges.


Contact the professionals at Cap 33 to inquire about listing your company on a smaller exchange.