Branding: The Agency 33 Value Proposition

by Agency 33 partner Vincent Dipas


We often help companies figure out just what their value proposition is and what the supporting messages are. So it’s a fun exercise to explain to people what the Agency 33 value proposition is. I will list out some elements of the Agency 33 value proposition here.

First is boutique. For Agency 33 boutique means small, low overhead, high-value. We don’t sell you on our services and then assign a 22-year-old to your account. You have the counsel of a senior marketing or public relations specialist always.

We also have industry and company type specialties. We know legal. One partner is a lawyer. We know finance. One partner has deep financial background. We know healthcare, biotech, and clean tech. One partner is an engineer with corporate experience in those domains.

Consider this next time you’re talking to your 20 something account executive who has little to no experience in your industry.

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Our specialty with regards to company size or stage is high-growth companies. This comprises start-ups through companies with $50,000,000+ in revenue. Members of our team have founded companies. We’ve gotten them financed privately as well as through IPOs and have exited them.

So we talked about boutique, industries, and company size. Last are geographies. This element of our value proposition is pretty rare in a small PR firm. One partner is from the UK. Another is from South Africa. And a new associate member of our team has just relocated to Denver from China where he worked for Lenovo. We’ve planned and managed campaigns in all these areas.

So that sums it up. Picture a three legged stool. One leg is high-value or boutique. Another is deep domain expertise. The third is international reach. And the seat of the stool is our ability to accelerate your growth, through marketing, PR, and business development.