Agency 33 Founder James Wall Featured in Denver Post


Agency 33 Founder James Wall had an article featured in the Denver Post this month.  

“Bird populations didn’t exactly hit new highs this season in eastern Colorado or neighboring states, and most upland bird hunters were left with few pheasants and quail in the bag. But the urge to put the dogs in the back of the truck and head out into the fields is still there.

So being a member of what one well-known shooting instructor calls the “best bird hunting club east of the Mississippi” is a big plus when we have a season like this one.

The Bluffs sits just to the northeast of Byers, which is an hour east of Denver on Interstate 70. It’s named after the 50-foot cliffs that loom above the hunting grounds and provide a perfect place from which to launch pheasants when members want to put on a traditional British “driven shoot” — when birds are driven over hunters located at stationary pegs. These hunts are legendary at the Bluffs, as hundreds of pheasants are shot when the birds fly high over the “guns” and then (if they survive the initial fly-by) are hunted on the ground over solid German shorthairs bred by Bluffs owner Russell MacLennan.”

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