5 Hot Stocks That Will Beat the Bull

David Twibell, President of Custom Portfolio Group, was featured in an article in U.S. News & World Report, and also Yahoo Finance, “5 Hot Stocks that will Beat the Bull.”

These days – OK, just about every day – Wall Street’s market watchers show unrivaled mastery in the art of hand-wringing. Interest rates look headed up, up, up. Oil prices are way, way down. Somewhere in between, China’s economy teeters on a high wire.

What’s next to make the market anxious – rumors of a Martian invasion?

Meanwhile back on Earth, some stocks transcend the worry by posting solid numbers or making smart bets for their future. Whether that translates to immediate or longer-term gains is another story, but still it pays (and could pay big) to take a closer look.

Here, the experts weigh in on some potential investment heavies.

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